Our Message

Thank you for considering ATC Home Health, LLC family:
There’s no place like home when you’re recovering from an illness or injury. Yet you want the reassurance and care of highly skilled health care professionals. We give you both. We provide care when you don’t need to be in the hospital, but still require medical attention.
Our team of health care professionals includes top-rated nurses, home health aides, social workers and rehabilitation therapists who will help you recover as quickly as possible. We work closely with your doctor to ensure you get back on your feet as quickly as possible.
Our goals are:
  • To provide comprehensive home care services in collaboration with the physician while maintaining the patient in their home through coordinated nursing and care related services.
  • To re-establishing his/her daily activities post-illness, utilizing the most comprehensive and innovative programs, restorative measures and procedures.
  • To develop and maintain a professional relationship with the physician and referral sources in order to effectively meet the home health care needs of our patient’s families and communities.
We recognize the trust our clients and families place in us every time ATC Home Health enters their homes, and we understand nothing is more important than their safety and well-being. We provide the highest quality care your loved one deserve.
Over the years, we’ve met our goals and earn the trust and respect of local communities. Independent accreditation from the Joint Commission and certification from Medicare prove our quality and responsibility. 
Dina Suciu & Daniela Lazar